Cap Your Costs: Decrease your IT spending by 25% Let us help you access your data from ANY device! 6 Simple Questions to ask about Information Technology (IT) We shift the burden of IT Support off of our customers and onto ourselves. We can help you migrate your business to the CLOUD. We don’t profit from IT problems, we PREVENT them. Is your network secure?<br /> Do you know how to test it?<br /> Let us help.

Professional, Proactive, IT Support

We minimize downtime by installing, monitoring and maintaining effective equipment. We proactively monitor your network from our Salem, NH NOC so we have fewer problems to fix.

Proactive! Reduce Your IT Costs with CAP YOUR COSTS.
IT Support Services from Manchester, NH to Worcester, MA to Boston, MA.

IT Support, Networking

Our customers generally realize a 25% – 50% decrease in their IT spending when switching to Technology Seed. Our IT Support model revolves around preventing network problems – and we’re quite good at that!

Cloud Migration

We have a very comprehensive migration strategy for companies looking to move their business to the cloud using Office 365.

Our unique approach allows for access to your data from any device.


Technology Seed manages network in a way that allows us to CAP YOUR COSTS so you’ll know exactly what you’ll spend on IT Support month over month.

Offsite Server Backup

Unlimited, Remote Data Backup and Offsite Server Backup that meet the requirements of HIPAA compliant organizations.

Offsite backup includes the ability to quick-spin-up a complete virtual server for disaster recovery.

Seeds Of Knowledge Blog

  • HP Laptop Power Cords – Fire Hazard – Check Yours

    Technology Seed Customers: HP has issued a recall on laptop and docking station power cords sold during 2010, 2011 and 2012. The cords in question are suspected of overheating and are a fire hazard. Because the power cords aren’t specific to particular models, there is no way of verifying if you’re using a…

  • Accolades: Mark McLaughlin

    Mark did a very professional job. He was flexible as well when we had to take a couple items off the official “to do” list and added a couple other items. It was a positive experience. He even had to take a guess at a couple of passwords created by…

  • TSeed Sponsoring American Training 2014 Gala

    Technology Seed is proud to be a 2014 Silver Sponsor to the American Training, Inc. gala in Haverhill, MA! We had a great time at the gala last year and truly enjoying helping this amazing organization.  

  • Waving at my laptop!

    Installed Lenovo Motion Control on my Yoga this morning. Very cool application! It won’t change my computing experience or make me more efficient today, but it’s definitely laying the groundwork for future usability. As a very simple example, if you have a PowerPoint presentation open on your screen, waving your hand…

  • Is “wasted time” at work on the rise?

    Is “wasted time” at work on the rise? Does it affect your business? Let’s not disregard the need for people to have fun, enjoy work and be social, but there are certainly lines that need to be drawn. There is a point where an employee’s work / play balance begins to…

  • Deny Local Admin Rights

    On many of the business PCs that we manage, we deny Local Admin Rights to the end-user. What does this mean? For the purposes of this post, denying local admin rights prevents the end-user from editing the Windows registry. It’s generally transparent to the user, except when they need to…

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We provide IT Support in Manchester, NH, Network Support in Worcester, MA and Managed IT Services in Boston, MA.

From our offices in Salem, NH, Technology Seed provides Cloud Migration Services, comprehensive Remote Server Image Backup, HIPAA Compliant Encryption Solutions and Virtual Server Technologies.