Let us help you access your data from ANY device! We can help you migrate your business to the CLOUD. 6 Simple Questions to ask about Information Technology (IT) We shift the burden of IT Support off of our customers and onto ourselves. We don’t profit from IT problems, we PREVENT them. Cap Your Costs: Decrease your IT spending by 25% Is your network secure?<br /> Do you know how to test it?<br /> Let us help.

Professional, Proactive, Managed IT Support.

We minimize downtime by installing, monitoring and maintaining effective equipment. We proactively monitor your network from our Salem, NH NOC so we have fewer problems to fix.

Learn how we can CAP YOUR COSTS.

IT Support, Networking

Our customers generally realize a 25% – 50% decrease in their IT spending when switching to Technology Seed. Our IT Support model revolves around preventing network problems – and we’re quite good at that!

Cloud Migration

We have a very comprehensive migration strategy for companies looking to move their business to the cloud using Office 365.

Our unique approach allows for access to your data from any device.


Technology Seed manages network in a way that allows us to CAP YOUR COSTS so you’ll know exactly what you’ll spend on IT Support month over month.

Server Virtualization

Virtualization  saves hardware costs, maintenance costs and utility costs. There are several models (in-house, cloud, hybrid) – let us help you decide which is right for your company.

Seeds of Knowledge Blog

  • Technology Seed Presents at Salem Chamber Event!

    Kyle Scofield was a featured speaker at a Greater Salem, NH Chamber of Commerce event this morning. This event is a yearly program focused on economic development for the Chamber’s members. The focus this year was technology. As Technology Seed…

  • Heartbleed Bug – What You Should Know

    You may have read about the Heartbleed Bug on the news. The vulnerability allows hackers to steal the passwords you use on various websites (including very popular ones). It’s an oddity because it’s not something you can fix and it’s not something that antivirus software will protect…

  • Best Practice: Tracking I.T. Service Resolutions

    TSeed’s Best Practice: Tracking I.T. Service Resolutions The value of tracking the service requests that I.T. handles can’t be stressed enough. I.T. tasks that are properly documented in a system that allows you to review historical work can be a massive…

  • Best Practice: Use Your Resources and Plan Ahead

    TSeed’s Best Practice: Use Your Resources and Plan Ahead Whether you utilize outsourced I.T. or you have a dedicated I.T. staff, use them! Much of the underpinnings of business rely on some sort of input or direction from I.T.: Alarm…

  • iPhone/iPad/Mac Security Concern – YOU SHOULD UPDATE

    There is a real/verified security concern affecting iPhones/iPads and Mac computers. Read: http://gizmodo.com/why-apples-huge-security-flaw-is-so-scary-1529041062  The security risk is a “man-in-the-middle” threat where the data you’re sending over the internet can be read by a third party. For example, if you do…

  • Awesome Review . . .

    Hello Kurt Mark came to Salem yesterday and installed a new PC for me and I must say AWESOME!!! Mark was great from the moment he entered the building till the time he walked out. His people skills were as…

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